Pub studying (RUS-FIN)

We had a long gap between meetings because it was the end of the first period and everyone had their own busy schedules. However, we somehow managed to find time on Saturday evening and we decided to go to Cafe Europa. First I didn’t find the place but luckily Maksim found me and showed me the way. 😀

The place was pretty crowded but it was weekend so we kind of knew that already.. We tried to figure out the exercises in the books which Maksim had borrowed from the library for us.  We had difficulties with the dates and months but at the end of the meeting, they were clear at least for me. 😀

Я родилась двенадцатого июля в тысяча девятьсот девяносто восьмого года. = I was born in 12th July in the year 1998. First time ever we heard our ages and it was funny to notice that I am 6 years younger than my friends.


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