Sauna and Lake experience 7th meeting (SPA-GER)

In this meeting we decided to go to the sauna that is in the lake of Rauhanemi. It was cold but we could experience swimming in the cold lake and the sauna, it was interesting to know this tradition of finladia. the first time I went to the lake and it was very crazy, the water was too cold, but thanks to the heat of the sauna the thermal sensation did not feel so much and it was also interesting in the sauna, because this is public and I could see how the people from Finland enjoy doing this. some of the members of the group did not want to get into the lake since the temperature was very low and they did not try it hahaha.
Inside the sauna we met a man of very kind finladia and spoke with us about football and I try to speak Spanish with us, this was something weird and normally Finnish people do not talk much with strangers.

In this meeting we talked about body parts, learning their names in German and we taught them to say them in Spanish:

  • Die Lippe- Labio
  • Der Mund- Boca
  • Die Nase- Nariz
  • Das Ohr- Oreja
  • Das Auge- Ojo
  • Die Augenbraue- Ceja
  • der Ellbogen- Codo
  • die Hand- Mano
  • der Finger- Dedo
  • das Knie- Rodilla
  • der Fuß- Pie
  • der Zeh- Dedo del pie


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