Second meeting ( 18.2. 2019) Korean - Finnish

We had our second meeting in a finnish coffee shop called café Puusti at 18th February. Because we heard that café has got really good Finnish cinnamon bread. So I tried one cinnamon bread and cappuccino. Honestly, I am not the big fan of cinnamon flavor (I like the smell of cinnamon though) so it was not that bad, not that good at the same time. After that we meet another finnish friend(yoyi) who is actually studying in Korea as exchange student. I was so surprised that he was pretty good at speaking Korean and also he was passionate to learn more Korean. After that we went to pub to hang out more and in that place we could learn more finnish word

Juon = Drink / Kaljaa = beer / Mina ollen = I am / anteeksi = sorry

huone on kylmä , Kuuma = room is cold / hot

tämä on pieni, iso = this is small / big

teacher = opettaja


#cinnamon bread, coffee, another Finnish friends/pub, Finnish word, sentences


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