Second meeting (Cafe Brander)

Well, this time the meeting, as I had hoped, was in a quieter place. Brander is located in a shopping mall, too, but it is quite cozy, and we were lucky to have one of the tables in the corner, with armchairs instead of chairs. There were some other customers, too, which made me even more nervous, because this time we had agreed to speak mainly Swedish.

We started, however, with Finnish and talked about coffee, and so I learned that espresso is actually prepared very differently from ordinary (for lack of a better term) coffee. I love coffe, but I didn’t know that. It isn’t about languages or cultures, but still a good thing to learn πŸ™‚

Then came the dreaded Swedish part – but, to my surprise, it went ok, and not only in comparison with the previous meeting when I only managed a couple of sentences and then gave up. Wasn’t perfect, though: I even forgot some words I generally know well. But it is a usual thing when a language is not practiced enough – these days barely at all, actually. But that is why I am taking the course – to practice and become more fluent.

Ida later remarked that it is very weird for her to speak slower than usual and to watch out she does not use dialect forms or words. Something familiar to me, too, when I teach language to beginners.

We also talked about Swedish in different parts of Sweden and on the Γ…land Islands. I was surprised to learn that the language there is more like the language in Sweden (Stockholm especially) than in Finland. Makes sense, though, I guess.

So, looking forward to next time πŸ™‚


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