Session 10: Wings night closing party

It comes to an end we had our last session and I am a bit sad because we had a really awesome time together and we learned a lot. We had our last session at the wings place. At this place, we met each other for the first time here in Tampere and there we decided to do the each one teach one course. This was the reason why we decided we should do our last lesson at the wings place.

For the last session we had not a real goal. We just made a mash up between English, Spanish and German. This was extremely fun. I tried to speak most of the time in Spanish and Maria tried to say some vocabularies in German.

We ate together wings and made a recap about our lessons and what we have learned. We also gave feedback to each other. Moreover we both decided to try to study further German and Spanish. Therefore, we decided to skype from time to time so that we don’t loose our vocabulary and languages skills.

For me it was so much fun and it was a great experience for me. The each one teach one course is a great opportunity to learn, refresh a language and get to know a different culture.

All the best


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