Session 3: Lets go shopping!

In our third each one teach one lesson last Friday we went shopping together in Tampere. The goal of this lesson was that Maria can ask for the price and is able to remember some clothing vocabulary. My goal was  to speak with her all the time in Spanish and try to repeat as much vocabulary as I can.

Our first stop was at the big shopping mall in Tampere Keskustori. In the mall, we went in different shops for example to H&M, the sport stores and some other fashion stores. After that we went to buy some food and discussed our next lessen what we are going to cook. Because our next topic is Austrian food.

For me this lesson was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. I could speak with Maria a lot in Spanish and I learned a lot of new skills. Every time when I made a mistake Maria corrected me and I tried to repeat the sentence again in the correct way at a different time. For me this was one of the most effective classes because I spoke the whole time in Spanish.

I think for Maria it was a bit harder. Maria learning style is different and she needs to write down the new vocabulary. Therefore, I think Maria didn’t gained so German languages skills from this meeting. Nevertheless, we repeated the numbers with the price tags and the introduction in German.



For the upcoming classes, we discussed that we are going to divide the two parts strict. Maria needs a table where she can write down the vocabulary and the grammar and for me we will make it more practical because than I can speak easier and learn more.

All the Best Christoph


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