Session 6: Spanish tapas and Austrian Culture

Maybe you already noticed but most of our each one teach one lessons are food related. The reason is probably Maria and I are very much into food. I like to go in supermarkets buy new products and try out new cooking styles. Maria just likes to eat my food but actually she is not such a good chef. So, at the beginning of the lesson I was a bit nervous.

So, this time it was Marias turn to cook for me. In this session, we start with the Spanish lesson first because we were both so hungry. At first, we went to the supermarket, there we bought all the ingredients after that we went back in our residence to cook a Spanish omelette. We tried to speak the hole time in Spanish and we tried also to repeat the vocabulary from the previous sessions which was food related.

This lesson was so much fun because Maria need to ask her mother for help because she was not sure how to cook an original Spanish Omelette. So, Maria forced me to speak with her mother to. This was extremely challenging because I got used to the accent and the voice of Maria. Her mother spoke much faster with me and it was hard to understand her at the beginning. After the short Skype call we cooked the Spanish omelette together. This was a very nice Spanish lesson especially the eating part.

After that we switched to the German part. This time I wanted to show Maria something about Vienna. From my point of view Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I made a virtual city tour with her. I showed Maria the most important places in Vienna. Moreover, I gave her some background information about them and I also tried to bring the Austrian history in.

I think this lesson was extremely useful for me, I could improve my listening skills. For Maria the lesson was too much related to the cultural aspects. I think we need to change that for the future lessons.


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