Session 9: Famous Austrian dish

I think our each one teach one blog gets more and more in a food related blog. Today was again a food related topic. Maria and I cooked together a famous Austrian dish called “Schnitzel”. Therefore, we met in the kitchen in TOAS city. We did the grocery shopping the day before so we were well prepared ad good to go.

So, the first part was the Spanish part although we cooked an Austrian dish. I explained the dish, the ingredients and the different steps to Maria in Spanish. Maria helped me to prepare the “Schnitzels”. At first, she had to roll them into flower, the second step was to roll them into eggs and afterward she had to roll them with bread crumbs. After that we fried them in the pan.

Moreover, we decided to play a game during the cooking to recap our vocabulary. We pointed on different thing in the kitchen and the other one had to name it in German or Spanish in my case. From my point of view, it was a bit unfair because I had already a basic knowledge of Spanish vocabulary before we started our Each on Teach one sessions. But I can still proudly say that I won three points ahead of Maria.

In the last lesson, we found out that we have not covered something extremely important for Maria and that were the directions. Therefore, after we finished our afternoon lunch we decided to go for a walk to practise Marias directions skills. We went to the Pyynikin Park. I explained the directions to Maria like a guide and the buildings. When we arrived at the park we switched the roles and Maria had to guide me back home in German. This was extremely fun and I was surprised that she learned the directions so fast. All in all, we had lots of fun and enjoyed our after lunch walk.


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