Seventh Meeting - Reviews and Beer

Reviews and Beer
time & place :
12th April, 19:00-22:00, plevna ravintola

It was a shame that we couldn’t meet about a month. We also traveld so many time, and I and Daye were so busy with our courses. Actually, it was time for me to prepare presentations, however I couldn’t do that because of demola project and exams. Thus, we decided to meet for dinner on a whim.

Reviews and Cheers!
Although we met for beers and dinner, we had to do something for each one teach one learning diary! Thus, we reviewed about our learns. Like I again recalled the funny dialogue, and a small city that Guillaume’s mother wants to live after retirement. Also, Guillaume and I talked a lot this time, we talked about politics of each country as we had to vote in Helsinki! France was about to vote, and Korean ex-president got impeachment and went to the jail πŸ™‚ We had a huge victory!!Β  We talked about French election, and after the conversation he sent us a summary video of their candidates. I hope they could vote for the right person, not.. that woman!! I also said about our candidates but it was difficult as the words are quite jargons. Then he gave us something. His parents came here last week with madeleine and he gave it to us as a gift that I wanted! It was super delicious and we enjoyed it in the restaurant.We arranged our cooking meeting on this Sunday in my house, so it would be fun! I can’t wait.


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