Sixth Meeting - Korean Food

Korean Food!!
time & place :
11th March, 14:00-19:00, y-campus in TAMK

We finally met, it had been for a month! At the very first time, we talked about our travelings to the Europe and showed pictures. Especially, I visited Paris, which has his house, so I showed him a lot of pictures. Before going to Paris, he helped me a lot to arrange an itinery for Paris. Thanks to him, I could visit Disney land!! It was an awesome experience, that I never forget. For exampe, I bought a key rings which I never buy usually. (I don’t like to pay for souvenirs). Then he talked about his trip to Helsinki, and recommended a museum which looked nice! Anyway, this day was Soo’s day, so she prepared a presentation about Korean Food! (Most exciting part)

So Fantastic Korean Food
Thanks for Soo preparing the lecture. It was about Korean traditional food. In this lecture, I realized how much I love Korean food and felt sad because I can’t eat them here in Finland. I had a real fun because she prepared many good videos and they were so funny. Those were about a famous tie man with his first experience about Korean food. He always said “oh, it’s really good!”. Some of them are really good, but I know some of them are not good.. haha. Guillaume really liked him, I think he wants to subscribe him XD. And videos of a British guy who was a student in Korea, he introduced many Korean food to British people and recorded their reactions. I was glad that they enjoyed almost every food except our traditional alcohol. (It was weird because I like it very much!) Mostly, they were crazy about Korean barbeque so I felt someday I want to cook it for him! However, this day, I learned that many global people love Korean food as I do especially Korean barbeque. This is really awesome so I want to cook for him someday, and of course, for us to.


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