Sopes, Salsa and "El Grito de Dolores/Día de la independecia."

… After our previous meeting I let Jacqueline and Mariana know that my mexican friends were having a party on friday the 15th. We were going to celebrate the” Independence day” by throwing a big party with food, tequila and many friends.

I arrived at the location of the party with a friend at around 3pm, and shortly after that, I received a message from the girls.

We were the first ones at the location, so I proceed to teach them some basic steps to cook Sopes, which are a Traditional mexican dish:

First, my friend and I taught them how to boil the chicken, and pull it apart, later on, I show them the base of the sope (My friend cooked them one day before the party), a small circle with crust (slightly thicker than a tortilla) made out of corn flour. I then show them how to fry the base of the sope and later on how to put the ingredients in order.

Later on, people started to arrived and it was time for the Mexican extravaganza; food, music and great people ready to party. TO BE CONTINUED…


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