Spanish potato omelette

Last Monday, our EOTO group met at Loy’s apartment to have a Spanish dinner.

I decided to cook a potato omelette, wich is a dish that is typical in the whole Spain (I explained them that each region of Spain has it’s own typical dishes, but this one is known by all Spanish people).

We needed a place to cook, so we went to Loy’s apartment, because he lives alone, but he explained us that it was his last day there, because he had to move the next day. I went 20 minutes before to start cooking the meal, because it takes a bit of time and I didn’t want them to get bored during I cooked.

I told them the ingredients that I used, also in Spanish:

  • Potatoes = Patatas
  • Eggs = Huevos
  • Salt = Sal
  • Olive oil = Aceite de oliva


I also brought some Serrano ham that my parents brought me from Spain when they visited me last week.

Loy helped me peeling and cooking the potatoes, and he also made some chips by his own.

Kasimir, Ivan and Tomi brought Nachos with different types of sauces, and they cooked them with some cheese in the oven.

While having dinner, I explained them that in Spain we don’t eat many things at breakfast, but instead of that, we have 5 meals a day, and it’s usual to have two dishes instead of one, when having lunch and dinner.


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