Spanish/Finnish in Vohvelikahvila

Teresa and I met in Vohvelikahvila. I been wanting to go there for a long time now and she had never been there (eventhough she lives right next to it!) so it was really nice we went there. We both had sweet waffles with ice cream. For the sauce I chose maple syrup and she caramel. Even though maple syrup is not Finnish, Teresa did not know it, so I was trying to explain it. I also had chai latte, which she tried for the first time from me and agreed it truly tastes like a Christmas in a cup!



Since we were in a café, we learned some food related words. Some of them, like plate, spoon, fork and knife we’d already learned during our Ikea tour, but this was good rehearse to see how well we could still remember them.




Some food related words:

Que aproveche = hyvää ruokahalua = Bon appetit


gofres = vohvelit = waffles


café = kahvi = coffee

café con leche = maito

kahvi = milk coffee

azucar moreno = ruskeasokeri = brown sugar

té = tee = tea

helado =jäätelö = ice cream

nata =kerma = cream

dulche = makea = sweet

salado = suolainen = savory

Querria un café =

haluaisin kahvin = I would like to have a coffee

Querria este = haluaisin tämän = I would like to have this

La cuenta, por favor = lasku kiitos = check please

¿Algo mas? = saako olla muuta? =anything else?

Aqui tiene =ole hyvä = here you go

¿Te ha gustado? = piditkö siitä? = did you like it?

¿Teneis leche de soja? = onko teillä soijamaitoa? = do you have soy milk?

After eating the conversation somehow turned into different colours and different ways to express colours in different language.  So here are some colours:

azul = sininen = blue

verde = vihreä = green

marrón = ruskea = braun

amarillo = keltainen = yellow

rojo = punainen = red

blanco = valkoinen = white

negro = musta = black


naranja = oranssi = orange (also the fruit in all the languages except Finnish)

rosa= vaaleanpunainen =light red

morado = tumman violetti = dark purple

lila/violetta = violetti = purple

Also here at the end couple other useful words, if it would happen to snow again:

ángel de nieve = lumienkeli = snow angel

muῆeco de nieve = lumiukko = snowman




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