Supermarket day

Hi! This Monday, the 17th of September, one week after the first meeting, we went to the supermarket. For the Spanish girls we are living here now, knowing the name of the food we want to buy is very useful, so we decided that going to the supermarket should be one thing we had to do first than other activities.

We went to Prisma Kaleva, a really big supermarket here in Tampere. We all took our basket and we went inside the market. We started to ask Anni a lot of vocabulary, mostly about food, at the same time we told her to translate into Spanish. It was a little complicated to memorize all the names or to write them down in a notebook (we were busy, in the middle of the market), so we decided to write the words in our Whatsapp’s group; Anni put the worlds in English and Finnish, and we answered her messages with the Spanish translation. This was a great idea which lead us to learn a lot of words and save time.

We learnt some basic words as: liha (meat), kana (chicken), makkara (sausage), kalkkuna (turkey), kala (fish), lohi (salmon), juusto (cheese), milk (maito), salaatti (salad), hedelmä (fruit) or hillo (jam). I also learnt some names of food which I don’t like eating (like sipuli or valkosipuli) and I am very happy of it. Now, if I see some of these ingredients in the menu of a restaurant, I will know that I am not going to enjoy this food, so I will order another plate I can eat with pleasure.


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