Surprise, surprise!

Today we went shopping for our secret baking-event tomorrow. First, we (or honestly Tuuli) looked up for a recipe for something we could bake on Sunday. After we decided us for a proofed recipe, we went to Lidl in Finlayson and started to look for all the ingredients. Furthermore, we had a short trip to tiger and it took us longer than we thought πŸ˜€ We also talked about different Christmas habits during our tour through Lidl and tiger for example advent calendars and decoration and stuff like that. In Germany & Finland it’s quite the same, but for Hang some of these things were new, so it was quite cool to tell her about this stuff. (I think we will find some more Christmas habits for her during November and December as well.)

These are the things we will need tomorrow:

  • eggs
  • cream
  • flour
  • almond flakes
  • sugar
  • baking powder
  • berries

Guess what we’re baking😉 – we will reveal the secret tomorrow!


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