Sziasztok! :)

Hi everyone 🙂

My name is Melanie and I am from Germany. I have been here in Tampere since the 1st August and I am very happy to stay 5 months and get to know so many people all around the world. And I am also very happy about getting the chance to learn some basics of Hungarian and the Hungarian society and culture. My grandparents grew up in Hungary and lived there for some years before they came to Germany. I think it a pity that I cannot speak any Hungarian word except egészségedre which roughly means Cheers 🙂

My Each One Teach One partner is Flóra from Hungary. The first time we met was after the Kick Off-Meeting and we had a nice chat and introduced ourselves. We discussed our preliminary plan and what each of us wants to get from the course. Flóra told me that she had been learning German for many years, however, we talked English the first time. So, it was difficult for me to estimate how her German skills are.

For our first official meeting, we decided to go to Café Europa. Flóra prepared some Hungarian basic words and expressions and explained them to me in German. I was amazed how good she can speak German. First, she explained me the Hungarian Alphabet which is quite similar to the German one. But there are some letters like Ny which are very difficult to pronounce for Germans.

A Á B C Cs D Dz Dzs E É F G Gy H I Í J K L Ly M N Ny O Ó Ö Ő P Q R S Sz T Ty U Ú Ü Ű V W X Y Z Zs

Thanks Flóra! I am really looking forward to our next meeting 🙂


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