Tallipiha & The End

Our last meeting was both extremely fun and kinda bitter, since it was the last time I was seeing my group members. We went to Tallipiha christmas market, which was, once again, a new experience for me.

I really liked the small old buildings and all the handcrafted stuff they were selling there. My personal favourite had to be the tiny chocolate shop – it smelled incredible there. It was too bad that all of the shops weren’t open, because Tallipiha is a great example of finnish christmas traditions. I would recommend it to anyone, especially foreigners.

Later we went for a coffee. This time we didn’t really learn anything special language-wise but we talked about christmas and what we would do and what we normally do in our home countries. It was very nice, as usual, especially because there was a quartet playing Bach there. Cool!

This experience in general has been a good one to me. I did learn some basic spanish and was able to strenghten my english, but I think the most important thing was that I learned a lot about new cultures. I made new friends from all around the world, and couln’t be happier about that. I think I will definitely keep on learning spanish, this was a great kickstart for that. Thank you to everyone in our group for this experience! Adiós! Buena suerte!


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