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While drinking tea and eating bamboo shaped chocolate cookies at my place, I and Yuki started  to talk about dating rules in Finland and Japan. In Japan people do not use any Pick up -lines but you can invite the person you like to drink at your’s place (tea or something else). After drinking there might be also other activities. 😀

Take no kono machi! Omnom!
Take no kono machi! Omnom!

Next summer I am going to do my internship in Japan, so I wanted to learn some useful phrases and sentence structures.

Can I help somehow? = Tetsudai mashouka?
Can you help me? = Tetsudatte kuremasenka?
Can you show me (how to do this)? = Otehon wo  misete kudasai?
How this machine works? = Douyatte skaeba iin desuka?
Can I borrow this? = Karite mo ii desuka?
Nice shirt. Where did you buy it? =  Sore ii (shatsu) desu ne. Doko de kaimashita ka?
Is there any nice cafes nearby? = Kono chikaku ni ii cafe wa arimasuka?
Have we met before? =  Mae ni attakoto arimasuka?

Second hand/flee market = furugi ya (clothes), furohon ya (books)

Yuki was interested to learn some shopping phrases in Finnish.

For example:
Can I have the receipt? = Voinko saada kuitin?
Is it free? = Maksaako se?
It is a gift. Can you wrap it up for me? = Se on lahja. Voitko paketoida sen?
Can I have a plastic bag? = Voinko saada muovipussin?



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