Thank god for the Internet

For our third meeting, we decided to do it over Discord. Initially, we wanted to do it after our courses, but we both agreed that we would prefer to do it at home.

The topic for this meeting is how slang is used in Denmark and Spain. Spanish language, like other languages in rich in slang words which are mostly used between friends and family.

A few examples are:

A word that you will always hear when going to Spain is “vale”. You can use “vale” to say: sounds good/alright/ok/fine.

Spanish                                                English                                                                  Danish

Vale                                                       Alright/ok/fine                                                  Ok/ I orden

¡Venga, vale!                                     Alright, fine!                                                       Ok, Fint!

Que vá, tío                                          No way, man                                                      Det kan ikke passe

Tío/tía                                                   Bro/Sis (Normally means uncle/auntie)   Makker

¡Venga ya, hombre!                        Come on, man!                                                 Kom nu, mand!

Buenas o ’nas                                    What’s up                                                            Hva så?

Pasta                                                     Money                                                                 Penge

Ven pa’ca                                            Come over here                                                Kom herover

Ser buena gente                               To be a cool guy                                                At være sej/fed

Ser un coñazo                                     To be a pain in the ass                                   At være irriterende

Estar en pelotas                                To be naked                                                      At være nøgen


I particularly enjoyed this meeting. We had fun and Nicolai seemed to be enjoying the way Spanish people say these kinds of things, and his pronunciation is actually spot on! Although for me, it was rather difficult as everyone knows Danish pronunciation is quite a challenge. One little mistake and the word means a completely different thing! Overall, is was an enjoyable experience and we later went to the avanto with a couple friends to get a taste of the Finnish culture! 😀


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