The 10th meeting: Turtola Citymarket bakery

For the final meeting, we chose the small bakery cafe at Turtola Citymarket. It is one of the few such places that is near to both our homes, and I had long been curious about it. Unfortunately, it closes early, so  because of our schedules we were left with just enough time for our meeting. But the huge plus was the delicious “bun of the day”, so I will definitely keep this place in mind for the future.

As usual, we spent a very pleasant time talking to each other, this time about “Harry Potter”. Just one topic – because Ida came very excited about having bought tickets for the play in London… for next summer! So, as we are both fond of fantasy and have both read “Harry Potter”, it was a very mutually inteersting conversation.

It was, however, in Swedish, which at times made things a bit complicated for me. On the other hand, Ida did not use many magical terms, and, according to her, the names in the Swedish translation are closer to the original ones anyway than in the Finnish translation.

Ida has read those books in English, Swedish and some in Finnish. I read them in Russian and English, and only bits in Swedish. However, I did understand what she was saying, even if she had to repeat it from time to time 🙂

So, that was the end – as Ida is going away for the summer. I hope we do keep in touch somehow, though. It has been really nice to get to know her 🙂


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