The fifth meeting in Café Europa

Our fifth meeting took place in Café Europa. We had a nice cup of coffee and decided to concentrate on Finnish this time. Amelie had some homework I was able to help her with.

She needed to write a text about her family. She already remembered the words like sister, brother and parents, but then creating the sentences was the tricky part. Finnish grammar is quite hard to learn, and as I experienced also really hard to teach and explain. At least I had hard time trying to explain why it’s sometimes -ssa or -ssä, or why one needs to add some endings to the words. One never thinks about these things when one is so used to just speak and write the way one should. It was really challenging and I felt like I should actually study some grammar myself.

However, even though my skills of teaching were proved to be unimpressive, we were able to get the homework done and hopefully it was good enough for the Finnish teacher as well.


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