The first meeting in school library

Participants: Guorong Cai, Siping Zheng, Monika 

Aim: Guorong and Siping learn Bulgarian from 1 to 5 and some phonetic symbol and Monika Chinese from 1 to 5, hello, thank you and some tones.

Time: 19:00-20:00, one hour 

This is our first meeting to know each other, Monika come from Bulgaria and I and Siping come from China. Because Siping is my classmate so we are familiar with each other, Monika is our new friend, she is very pretty and friendly.

In this meeting, we teach Monika how to write and speak Chinese, such as hello, thank you , from 1 to 5. Monika teaches us how to write and speak Bulgarian, just from 1 to 5 and some phonetic symbol.

I remember that firstly we teach Monika what is the Chinese Pinyin, but we know if Monika learn Chinese Pinyin and it will spend lots of time, maybe all the each one teach one time. So after we discussed with each other, we give up this plan and make a new plan.

Although I am a Chinese but I also not good at tones and Pinyin, so we just teach Monika some words using in our daily live.


This picture is our notes that we learned in this meeting.





This one is my notes and I am very glad that

I can learn Bulgarian it’s so amazing.


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