The last meeting: Christmas carol concert

Hi! Yesterday, 30th of November, I went with Anni to a Christmas Carol Concert, in the Aleksanterin kirkko. It should have been the last meeting for all of us, but at that time we all already had the ten meetings we needed and the other girls couldn’t come. However, Anni and I were a little bit excited about going to the concert, so we decided to go anyway.

Although it was not an “authentic” Each One Teach One meeting, I have to say that I learned a lot of things. All the concert program was in Finnish and also the presentations they did, so Anni translated a lot of things and I learned some vocabulary about music, like the instruments. Afterwards, we went to have dinner, so we continued talking about cultural things, specially, how we celebrate Christmas in our countries.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this meeting. The concert was very nice and a little bit heartbreaking. While the children were singing, I realized that my time here is ending and that I have met a lot of people who I’ll miss a lot.


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