The last meeting

There was a gig of a Finnish band Voimaryhmä in Doris the other night. I had no clue this band exists but it’s always nice to get to know some new music! And this band is straight outta Tampere! It was a happy night since the audience in the bar was on a very good mood and we couldn’t avoid some beer showers and broken glass. The music itself was very energetic and easy to dance and jump around.

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This was actually our last meeting because it was time for Markus to fly back to Germany. I really enjoyed the EOTO course and I’m happy I participated. My target in the beginning was to learn some German small talk as I can learn the grammar and rules at school. I reached my goal since now I’m more confident in speaking German and I’m able to make  a sentence without thinking about it for five minutes first. And I also got a nice friend 🙂

So danke schön EOTO und auf Wiedersehen!
Es war mir eine Freude!



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