Third meeting

Our third meeting was in Tamk library. This time we concentrated in talking in Finnish. Hamza had some sentences in English that he wanted to translate in Finnish, so I helped him in that. Sentences were for example:

I have a sister = Minulla on sisko.

I`m looking for a job. = Etsin töitä.

After that we both spoke in Finnish. We started with basic things like weather and transport. Then we pick up some situations and thought what we would need to say and how to say those sentences in Finnish. The situations were for example like asking a route, buying a new phone or going to grocery store. I think it was a good way to learn the Finnish language because you can`t learn how to speak foreign language if you don’t speak. I noticed that Hamza was really progressing and became braver to talk. So we really need to use this tactic again and maybe go through those same subjects, so he would be able to use them and talk Finnish for example while going to grocery store.


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