trampolin park - kauppi sport center

Today we met at Kauppi Sport Center to go trampoline jumping.

As soon we arrived, we changed to our sports outfit, got some instructions about the rules while using the trampolines.
Then we directly started to go on the trampoline.

Firstly we went on the smaller once to give them a try because if you would directly start with the bigger once, you would never go back to the small once. We did it in the end that we tried the smaller trampolines again but it is no fun because they bounce much less.

So after we where pretty much done with the smaller once, we decided to try the big trampolines. At least me, I was already quite done because I am not as good in shape. At the big trampolines we had even more fun and started to do front flips etc. But synchronizing us all will even need a few more sessions.

Because trampoline jumping is so exhausting, it is nearly not possible to speak that much beside. We where all a bit in a hurry so we left the spot to continue with studying for our courses.

Finally we could say that it was a meeting with very much of fun. I am looking forward to the next meeting, even if this was my 10th already.


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