Travelling and eating around Germany: how to get information and foods

After all these times that we met with Anna, and after learning so much things about her country I promise to her that one day for sure I will go back to Germany, to experience on my skin what she showed and told to us.

But thinking about a travel in Deutschland (that means Germany in German) some doubts came in my mind. I studied in the first or second year of high school how to order food when you are in a restaurant or how to get information when you want to go in a place, the station for example or the city centre, but after seven years I forgot quite everything.

This was the perfect time to ask Anna to teach us how to survive in Deutschland during our travel and of course we did the same with her, hoping that one day she will come to visit Italy. For that reason on Friday evening 7 of April 2017 we went out to eat to Friends & Brgr.

We started talking about food because we are always hungry and we would like to be sure to ask it correctly; pizza and coffee have always to be present for Italian people so we asked to Anna how to order them! We did the same with her because when she will come to Italy she has to try Italian pizza and coffe.

  • Hello, I would like to order a pizza and one beer, please = Hallo, ich möchte gerne eine Pizza und ein Bier bestellen = Salve, vorrei ordinare una pizza e una birra, per favore
  • Good morning, one coffee please! = Guten Morgen, ich hätte gerne einen Kaffee = Buon giorno, un caffe per favore!

And of course when you are not at home and you need to pee is also important to know where is a toilet and so we went through even this.

  • I am sorry, where is the toilet? It’s on the right = Entschuldigen Sie, wo ist die Toilette? Die Toilette ist auf der rechten Seite = Mi scusi, dov’è il bagno? È sulla destra

Then we discussed about how to get information, because if you want to do a sightseeing of all monuments in a short time, you should have a great sense of direction!

  • Excuse me, could you tell me where is the bus station? = Entschuldigung, können Sie mir sagen, wo die Bushaltestelle ist? = Mi scusi, mi può dire dov’è la stazione?
  • Excuse me, do you know where is the nearest post office? = Entschuldigen Sie, können Sie mir sagen, wo die nächste Poststation ist? = Mi scusi, sa dov’è l’ufficio postale più vicino?

..and we trained even to understand what people tell to us..

  • Yes of course, you should go straight on and turn on the left, the bus station is on the right. = Selbstverständlich, Sie müssen gerade ausgehen und dann links abbiegen. Die Bushaltestelle befindet sich auf der rechten Seite = Si, certamente, devi andare dritto e girare a sinistra, la stazione dei bus è sulla destra

And then, at the end, because we would like to take some souvenirs we wanted to know the opening hours of the shops..

  • Excuse me, at what time does the supermarket close? = Entschuldigen Sie, wann schließt der Supermarkt? = Mi scusi, a che ora chiude il supermercato?


It was really nice and usefull time! Now we are ready to travel around Deutschland! Keep in touch. Tschüss.


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