An important thing to know amongst other important things are about Money or currency when we travel to one country. I think that was a good idea to talk about currency in our final Vietnamese language class. In Vietnam, we use ‘Vietnam dong’ which has quite much smaller value than euro currency here. Telling Jetro about values of Vietnam dong also helps him compare how different one euro can be used in Vietnam to buy something, especially in the time of high inflation like this, the difference is also clear to see. I started by introducing to Jetro the numbers from zero to billions and how to read these numbers in Vietnamese. There were many rules and even me I was not so sure how to read some numbers in billions correctly, but Jetro got to know about them so fast that it made me very surprised.  During the class, I also needed to use Google tool to make sure the reading way of these numbers and to help Jetro know better about the currency or real paper money in Vietnam. After that, I gave him some examples of what kinds of goods, products, or services he may buy with some amount of money. For examples, with 500 dongs which is equal to 0,0177 euros, Jetro can buy 2 candies or with 20,000 dongs (equal 0,7 euros), he may eat a soup for breakfast in the area near to my house in district 9 or 200,000 dongs (equal 7 euros) may buy 2 travel tickets to the westside of Vietnam. I also helped him know some situations that the tourists may have there with currency problem, like in bargaining or using taxis. Those things are very important to be aware of when travelling to the other country. Finally, we ended up by saying thanks to each other. Jetro to me has become a new friend and he was always gentle, supportive, and understandable. We keep drawing the plan to meet or even face to face meet later on. This is not going to end as the course schedule. We love to keep our relationship to support more in the future. I am thankful for meeting Jetro as my language learning supporter.


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