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Warm autumn in Spain

I'm gonna be a bachelor of social work (who does not like autumn and coldness) so I decided to do my last practical training in Fuengirola, finnish speaking school and enjoy the warmth for couple more months.


Greetings from warm Spain! My traineeship has started well although I had some challenges at first. Also my new everyday life has started well! I'm starting to fall in love with this country and also the people in here. My workmates are also getting more important to me.

Greetings from Cádiz!

I spent my last summer semester in Cádiz doing my internship as a student of Media and Arts, Music Production.

Greetings from Madrid

Hello from the capital of Spain, Madrid. Here the weather doesn't look like winter yet. The air is warm and most of the days are sunny, with some rainy days in between. I've stayed here from October until now January 2023, and I'm having a great time spending Christmas with my family. Also, Christmas lights are all over Madrid, as you can see from the main picture. The city is filled with tourists from all over the world and Spaniards from different parts of the country. The restaurants, bars, and shops receive many guests every day and the atmosphere is filled with excitement and happiness.