Always close to nature

In Finland nature is always close to you. We have thousands of lakes and lots and lots of forests, wild animals and rural nature. The Finnish nature is also really clean and somewhere still at it’s natural state. Here if you leave any city and drive with a car for more or less 20 minutes, you will probably be surrounded by forests or fields etc. Finland we  also have this thing called  ‘every man’s rights’ that means that you can go and pick wild berries, mushrooms and other edible plants in forests and it doesn’t matter who owns the forests or where you are from, forests are for everyone.


So I think our relationship with nature defines well most Finnish people.

Most Finnish people have a summer cottage, where they go to enjoy the nature and its silence. And of course to spend time with family and friends. Often summer cottages are by lakes and forests so you can swim, go fishing, pick berries, and of course go to sauna. Because we are after all in Finland, where there are almost 2 million saunas and only 5.3 million people.


I never had a summer cottage, but I have been sailing most of the summers of my life. I also do a lot of hiking. Being always close to the nature has really shaped the way I now am. When I travel, I am always interested of the country’s nature. I like city holidays, but I always try to fit in at least one trip somewhere further – to the nature.



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