Communication with Finns

How & Why Finns gather together

Finns are work orientated people. If there is no task to do or reason for a meeting you will likely not see any Finns. If a Finn goes out on a weekend he or she needs a reason to go out, for example to go to see live music or have a meeting with classmates. Just hanging out without a specific reason and having a small talk is difficult and unusual for most Finns. For discussions with other people a Finn needs some topic to start from, otherwise the Finn might stay silent.

Communication and making Finnish friends

When meeting Finnish people for the first time they tend to be calm and collected. They say hi and shake your hand and then a Finn could ask: Where are you from? And after that they usually ask: What you do for living? And the conversation might end there if you don´t find anything else to talk about.

After this Finnish small talking you need to gain the Finn’s trust. To build the trust you can find something to do together,   some work  or share a hobby for example go to a lake sauna. Gaining a Finns trust is not easy but worth it because it builds a lasting bond.

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An examples of how to connect with Finns in Finnish nature:

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