Diversity of seasons in Finland

In Finland we have a lot of things that make our country special and beautiful. The most precious thing is nature and how nature changes during different seasons.

In summer the days are long, bright and warm far into the night, you can see everywhere trees full of green leafs and lakes with clean water. Long and warm summer days are spend best in a cottage where you can swim, fish and relax in a sauna.

In the autumn nature begins to prepare for the winter. Green leafs on the trees will change their color to red and orange, days are getting darker day by day and the weather starts to be colder and more rainy. After warm and bright summer people are feeling more depressive and starting spend more time inside.

Usually the first snow comes around November and December. After first snow you can call it’s a winter. It doesn’t matter on which part of Finland you are living, there will be a lot of snow. The most breathtaking places will be found from the Lapland. Specially in Lapland at winter time you can see Northern lights, meet Santa Claus and enjoy from beautiful nature.

After the long winter nature begins ”to heal” from the rough conditions. Trees are growing back their leafs, grass and colorful plants are coming back to visible under the melting snow and ice is disappearing from the lakes. On the spring time days are beacoming longer and warmer. Light and warm climate get’s people more happier and lively.


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