Don't Worry Be Happy

When thinking of Finnish culture, it is typical to immediately think of snow, saunas, and drinking alcohol… and that is absolutely correct. I am an international student so I have the perspective of coming from a different background and have the privilege of comparing that to my experience in Finland. While the above stereotypes are true, what I have loved the most is talking to the Finns.

Typically Finns are known for not engaging in small talk, and while that might be the norm, when they do the conversation is always hilarious or interesting. Additionally Finns with alcohol become very social and talkative, and even magically get the skill of speaking English if they couldn’t already! I find the drinking culture here the most shocking because while it might be more excessive than other places, Finns no matter what are kind and considerate. I can see why Finland is one of the happiest countries, if no the happiest!


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