Finland is a country in northern Europe which has very small population. Finnish people are often thought to be very quiet people. In my opinion this is kind of true since we are not so familiar with talking to strangers. I think it is because we are very careful about what we say if we don’t know the person we talk to very well. But when we make good friends with someone we do speak a lot.


In Finland we like to eat lot of meat and potatoes. Our favourite bread is rye bread and that is kind of thing you can not find in many other countries. We also like to drink milk with lunch and dinner. Drinking milk is very finnish thing to do because in other countries that is considered only for breakfast drink. Also Finland is huge coffee consumer.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle ruisleipä


In Finland we like ice hockey more than anything. We are very good with winter sports which makes sense since our country is up north. We are also good with motor sports and we have had quite a few succesfull formula 1 divers.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle jääkiekko


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