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Finnish lifestyle varies depending on the time of the year. The seasonal changes can be seen in our behavior and in our habits. Many of our hobbies and eating habits varies depending on the current season. We are blessed to have four different seasons (at least for now) and they mainly control our flow of life. This post presents the different seasons and Finnish ways to spend them.


Autumn is all about getting back to the routines and schedules. Finns have returned from their vacations and are ready to start their normal daily rhythms. This can be seen from crowded gyms and public transports. Mostly Autumn is pretty hectic time and many Finns might feel themselves stressed after the Summer. Weather is getting more rainier and those bright nights are only a memory at this point. Some might feel a bit melancholic about the Summer being over. But still, many Finns also love Autumn because you can stay at home during your free-time without feeling bad about yourself for not doing anything.  Roots, mushrooms, blueberries and apples are some of the most common seasonal ingredients used. Many Finns grow these themselves or picks them up from the near forest. These ingredients can also be found from many of the marketplaces or  from local markets at reasonable price.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle syysmarkkinat


Winter is the time for different outdoor sports such as downhill skiing or just regular skiing, skating and ice fishing. Many Finns travel to the Northern Finland during their holiday to experience the different outdoor possibilities. I bet coffee is probably the most used commodity at this season because the evenings are so long and the mornings are dark. The “sun” rises around 8-9 am and sets around 5 pm. People staying in Finland are highly recommended to take extra D-vitamin during Winter time. All in all Winter in Finland is pretty amazing and offers something for everybody. If you like playing in outdoors when it’s -20 degrees, great, or if you’re the type of person that likes staying at home under the blankets- this is the perfect season for you.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle lapin luonto


Spring is the time when nature and people wake up after the long Winter. During Spring most Finns plan their summer activities and prepare themselves for Summer. Students are looking for internship and summer job places, companies are hiring new employees, people will prepare their summer cottages and book vacations. Spring in Finland goes fast, everyone is hyped about upcoming Summer and setting expectations for it. People start going out more and wearing less. Narcissus is the symbol of Spring. These flowers can be seen decorating many household’s kitchen table.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kevät


Ah the long waited Summer. Like I said earlier, we Finns set a lot of expectations for Summer. Summer is the time to spend time with friends, family and with different hobbies. Most Finns head to the cottages for summer and spend their vacation there. Some travel to countries where there’s actually warm to get proper tan. Some Finns take part in many of the festivals and celebrations that all most every city organizes. There’s something going on in every summer day. The most popular food ingredients are different berries and fruits and meats that you can grill: sausages, stakes, fish… anything mainly. Finnish Summer is truly time for celebration and relaxation.

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