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Cottage culture

There is about half a million summer cottages in Finland.

Most Finns have lived in rural areas, and many Finns have liked the peace of the countryside. Many city dwellers are balancing their busy lives. Cottage offers the opportunity to temporarily break free from imposed sanctions and do things that are important to you and not imposed externally.

The cottage environment is expected to be unspoiled, wild, unpolluted and simple, as opposed to cities, and is sought for spiritual cleansing and expansion

I have too diligently spent time at last year acquired a cottage, which is located in far away from where i live. The most important thing for me is changing the landscape.


The cabin in the picture has been in use by my close family for about a year, with a small yard with, outdoor sauna and an outdoor shed. The cottage has no special amenities except radios. The cottage warms up on cold summer nights and in the winter with chopped trees. The cottage originally has been a house for husmann. A husmann lived in a cottage and then leased a nearby farm paid with manual work on the owner’s fields. There is nearby a big land which used to be a farmfield.

The cottage has been recently painted and renovated. It has a water post from where water is carried inside. Modernizations has been also made, a small space in the former hallway has an electric toilet installed and electrics have been pulled to the house.


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