My view on Finnishness is probably something that not a lot of Finns think about generally when talking about Finnish culture or might think of my opinion as an oddity: Communality. I’ve been lucky to find myself in communities that care of the others, whether it’s family, classmates, hobbies, friends or even the worst nightmare of a Finn, the neighborhood. Taking care and caring in general, committing and loving the people within the community. Showing the love in an abnormal way of calling those people assholes. Bits and pieces that make those small communities a big part in a Finns life. To me that is a huge part of Finnishness.

Despite what I just said, we still have that finnish mentality of ”Ei tartte auttaa”. No need for help, I will manage. I can’t say if that is just a Finnish way of living or is it a global phenomenon, but I find a to be a negative thinking pattern non the less. Help is something that I myself have learned to accept with an open heart and a thank you. Help is also something that I am willing to offer when I see an opening. And last but not least, it is also a topic that I will gladly bring up every now and then: That it’s not a weakness to as or seek help and you shouldn’t be afraid of taking the first step in requesting assistance, no matter if it is from your friends and family, a community or professionals.

You’ll find below a link to a short monologue on the matter from one of the greatest minds in Finland, Juha Hurme.

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