Like anyone who knows even a little about Finland, the true Finnishess is being close to nature. I have been living my childhood near big forests and fields and even when you get used to that it is still amazing to go wandering around. In Finnish history it’s known how close and dependent people has always been with nature. People had their food from forest gathering berries and hunting animals.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle koli
View from Koli National Park in North Karelia region

Today when people are moving from smaller towns to bigger cities, we still keep our nature with us, 70% of land mass of Finland is covered in forests. Our land is also called the Land of thousand lakes, and that is a understatement to be honest, because there is approximately 188 000 lakes in Finland. Even when you’re living in big city, people always want to relax close to nature. That’s why we have over 500 000 cottages in Finland. Cottages are peoples get-away from hectic city life, you can feel fresh air, go swimming or fishing on nearby lake. Or just hike around in the forest, enjoying the nature. We in Finland love our saunas, that is a thing many foreigners doesn’t understand. While we keep our own personal space in public, in sauna we can freely be naked even with complete strangers. To cool of from sauna nothing is better than little dip in a lake.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle mökki
Cottage that you can rent for a vacation

What other comes to mind about Finland that isn’t nature? It’s education, Finland has been one of the top countries in education for many years. Many times ranked at the top of pisa test and best performing European country overall. Education in Finland is really important and high degrees are very respected here. Finnish education is also respected around the globe.

Kuvahaun tulos
Class room in Elementary school

Finland is among the best engineering countries, and technology industry is our most important export industry in Finland. Examples for great engineering and technology are Nokia(Phones and telecommunication technology) , Polar (Wireless wearable technology), SSH(Secure shell, used for secure computer administration), Linux ( operating system ), Rovio(Games and Angry Birds brand), Supercell(Games) and many others.


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