Lapland is an area in the North of Finland. It is for many Finnish people a very important place to spend their winter holiday. Why do we want to go to Lapland.? The answer is clear: there are always snowy landcapes, perfect opportunity for winter sports: for example downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Tourists want to see reindeers, Northern lights and of course the Santa Claus. Snowmobile safars are very famous too. In summer time people visit Lapland to go camping and fishing. Everybody has to experience Laplands bright water and the midsummer nights when there`s no sunset.

Joupukki    northern-lights-original    Laskettelu

Summer cottage

For many Finnish people summer cottage is a very important place to relax. Summer cottage is like a second home for us. Typical Finnish summer cottage is next to a lake or on the  country side, because people want to fish and of course swim and go to sauna. About 20 years ago our summer cottages were very different than now.  In those days there was only candle light and there wasn’t electricity. Today there are for example inside toilets and drinking water comes from pipe. Electricity makes it possible to have entertainment electronics and heating systems on the cottage, so we can spend there time around the year.

Mökki onginta


Finland is a ice hockey country. Ice hockey is the most famous hobby in Finland. Ice hockey has the biggest market value of all sports in Finland.

Finnish baseball is our national game. It has been developed in 1910 from American baseball. Finnish baseball is played in only a few other countries.


Probably the most exotic sports is wife-carrying. In this sports man carries his wife across a cross-country cource as quick as possible. The cross-country course is 235,5 meter long and it includes a one meter deep water jump and two fences. Wife’s mimimun weight is 49 kg. Wife-carrying world championship has been organized from 1992 in Sonkajärvi. This sport has got attention worldwide and last summer there were pairs from 13 different countries in the world championship.




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