Finnish nature is always nearby, even if you live in a city. If you’re feeling tired, a quick walk in a forest can do you wonders. Finnish nature is beautiful despite four completely different seasons. At summer everything is green and warm and nature is blooming. Temperature at summer can climb up to +30 degrees. If you have a change visit Lapland in winter, i suggest you to take it because It’s a winter wonderland really. Remember to wear warm clothes because winter temperature can dive to low as -30 degrees.

Finland is called a Land of Thousand lakes and for a reason, there is 187,888 counted lakes. Finland is usually at the top of the cleanest air quality. This is because Finland is covered in forests (80%).

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There is no better feeling than spend time at lakeside cottage (mökki) and take couple of cold ones with the boys.


People here respects honesty and straight forwardness. You can trust your friends, co-workers and pretty much everyone here. They will keep their promises and wont let you down.  In my opinion, Finnish people don’t like to take high risks and they usually stick what they already know. We also don’t encourage expressive communication and we don’t show much emotions. I think this comes from how people were raised in the olden days.

People in Finland may seem shy and quiet, but oh boy if you sit down to have couple of beers with finns, you are in for a treat. We pretty much drink whatever happens. If we are sad we drink, if we are  happy we drink, if we don’t have nothing to do we drink and so on. Music here is usually melancholy or heavy metal.

There is one saying: ” Born in Finland is like winning a lottery” and I think this is quite accurate. I feel safe here. Cities and nature are safe. Air is clean. Studying is free and we have a good public healthcare system. I can trust people and government here and most importantly people here are treated equally.

There is a blogspot called Finnish Nightmares and they are hilarious and some of them are accurate.

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