Space & nature

To me finnishness means respect of ones and others personal space. The personal space that we have in Finland might seem too extreme and weird for foreign people, but I think that’s our own way of acknowledging and respecting other people. To me, having my own space gives me a feeling of safety too.

I grew up in a small city, so at least from my point of view Finland is quite peaceful and spacious. Nature is always close to us and our hearts. Finnish people value the silence and the peace that we get out of coexisting with the nature. We have clean environment and air, and we want to also keep it that way. People in Finland recycle a lot in my opinion and I know it’s getting more and more attention as we go by.

Clean nature


The stereotype of Finnish people is that we are either rude or very shy, but that’s not true in most of the cases. We are not rude even if it might seem that way, yes, many of us might be shy, but that can be easily misinterpreted. We can have small silences in our conversations and still feel comfortable and appreciated. We would rather say nothing than do some small talk. If someone in Finland asks you how you doing, we take it as that they really want to know what’s happening in your life and we don’t just give the typical small talk answer ”I’m fine”. We are truly honest and caring people, when you just get to know us.


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