The country, Finland, is  really nice country. It’s not that popular in China, so I only know when I really arrived in Finland. At the day when I came into Finland, I got suprised by the European style. This style isn’t just the style the house had been made, but all types of style.

Living style:

The first thing makes love Finland and feel the finnishes is the life style. I came to Finland and living in a Northern town. The people there are mostly elder people. I had many trouble not only on studying but the living as well. Sometimes, even the elder lady can’t speak and understand English, they still tring to help me with my troubles. This makes me feel so close to the people living there when I first get there.

After that, I moved to Tampere. Because I didn’t find the student apartment, I had to live in a private apartment with 5 females in it. It made me too nervourse. But even some of them are busy and having their own work, I can still get some help when I really getting troubles. For example: forget the key…

Even though Finnish people don’t  care too much on Famous Brand Products, but the promotion did effect on them. My living view is buying Famous brand Products and wasting lots of money even I don’t really need them. But I change my mind slowly after I had living fewyears in Finland. My friend also told me one story of her: She wastrying to find a shoe for running. She asked the waiter if there are some famouse brand shoes for running. The answer is “The most famous shoes for running is which can make you feel comfortable during your exercise.” Finnish people don’t foucus on the Famous Brand that much and this also causes less comparing.

Environment style:

The Finnish environment is the best of Finland. Finnish people has their mind and thinking to protect their environment. The recycling and separating the trash makes the environment clean and easy to reuse the resourses. In Finland, people separated the trash into different types of trash: paper waste, compost waste, glass waste, and other types of waste. With the different waste type, the trash will be separated already before enter into the waste factory. It’s efficient and clean for the people living in Finland. Because most of Finnish people had their own summer cottage, they don’t want to live in a forest surrounding by the waste.


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