” Finnish people are warm, open and sincere, even though they might tell you the exact opposite. ”

People from abroad tells us that it’s hard to get to know a Finn, because we’re so quiet and have a wall to protect us. I would consider it’s true, but there’s a reason for it. Let’s start with the small talk. We don’t do that, expect about the weather, that’s what we love to talk about. So that might be the first thought of Finns being a shy human.

      Usually in groups, Finn is the one who’s being polite and waiting for his/hers time to talk, but in international groups, that usually never happens. Because us Finns, we consider talking on top of another all the time, is rude. And I agree.

The wall infront us, it’s there but not everyone has it so up high as some Finns. I would consider the wall being our protector of people we yet to trust. After spending time with each other the wall usually gets broken a bit by bit and after that you’re really getting to know the warm and chatty Finn.

No other to say than, when you’re friends with a Finn, the friendship is real and loyal and we expect a total trust between that..


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