Born in Finland and raised in another Country, without never have lived in Finland, only some memories that I had when I used to visit Finland every summer was difficult to understand the meaning of Finnish culture.

I never really get to know what Finnish culture is, what kind of customs Finns have and the most important how society works. Coming to Finland for studies was a moment that I was really waiting for, I really wanted to see what Finland really is.

The truth is except for the heavy Winter which is a little bit difficult for me to handle, I got excited with the whole packet. The nature is amazing, you can find forest and lakes wherever you go, its an opportunity to have some time with yourself and enjoy the green. The combination of sauna and cold winter creates an atmosphere that only in stories you find. Also, the winter and snow give the opportunity to try winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, which from personal experience are extremely fun and challenging. Sauna with a traditional Finnish sausage (makkara) is what I look forward to when I am abroad and the combination of sauna and frozen lake. Probably you have heard that Finns are not the most open people in terms of public relations but when you get to know them they are the most friendly and honest people. Anywhere you go shops, restaurants, cafeterias they are extremely helpful and ready to provide the best possible services.




The innumerous lakes that Finnish land consists of is amazing, is the country with the largest number of lakes in the world. Anywhere you are there always be a lake close by for a chill walk or camping.



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