I am a quite stereotypical Finn. I´m a little shy and not very comfortable around new people at first. I really like to keep my physical distance with people. I don´t brag or make noise about myself, but I´m a loud fan of ice hockey when Leijonat gets a chance to show its skills at world championship. I´m also a proud supporter and amateur player of Finnish national sport pesäpallo. I love traditional Finnish foods like rye bread and salty licorice and our family’s Mämmi-season has always last from the end of January to early July.


Santa Claus and Christmas brings light and warm into long, cold, and dark winter. As I´ve lived most of my life in Northern Finland I have a had a chance to enjoy all the best winter activities every year, such as skiing, ice skating and snowmobile driving. A great way to spend a freezing cold winter day with friends or family is going to a lake ice fishing and roasting a sausage around campfire. I really enjoy all the four seasons. At summer you can go to your cottage to relax, swim in the pure nature water, and just listen the silence far from the city. Autumn is the best season to wander in the forests. Forests also offer a lot of delicacies you can pick and pickle for the winter, such as mushrooms and berries. Hunting is also a popular hobby, mostly among Finnish men but it has managed to grow its popularity among women also.


At spring everything wakes up and starts to bloom. It is an amazing feeling when the first sunbeams heat up your face after a long winter. I think it´s impossible to choose your favorite season since every of them can offer so much different activities.

As much as I love Finnish Karelian pastries and outdoor activities, I also appreciate other things in Finnish society, such as education and healthcare.  In my opinion Finland is a great and safe place to live. I´m happy to be a Finn.


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