Finnishness Documentary

After spending a lot of time quietly observing the land and its people it became quite clear that the Finnish people were directly shaped by the Finnish land, and the peoples nature reflected the nature of the land.

These Finns are quiet and reserved people, just like the long Finnish winter is quiet and cold. The Finn escapes the long dark inside itself, this leads to the Finns introverted nature.


The Finns are a steady and trustworthy lot. This they have learned from the wind-swept rocks and rocky islets that face the north wind with steadfast determination.

Some Finns have even started to mimic the rocks themselves and appear stone-faced and cold.


There are hundreds of more similarities that could be drawn between the nature of the Finn and the nature of Finland.

The Finns dark sense of humour that reflect the deep dark lakes, (and black coffee).
The unrefined and unapologetic disposition of the Finn that reflects nature in its honesty and sincerity.

But lastly I want to mention the Finnish summer. If one manages to endure the winter of a Finns friendship he might be rewarded with the overabundance of the Finnish summer, when the sun never sets, one is never in want and life is a never ending party. But just like the Finnish summer the happiness of a Finn is a short lived thing and usually by morning comes the merciless hangover and the Finn reverts to his quiet and reserved nature.




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