Finnishness for me

Finnish language

Finnish is a unique and strange sounding language. It doesn’t remind English, Swedish or German at all. Finnish has only five million speakers in Finland so Finnish is a real secret language. When you are abroad you can talk with your friend and you don’t have to worry about your sayings because nobody will understand you. But you have to be very careful because one day there can be a Finn in the same restaurant!


Finland is considered as a safe country and that’s why I love to live here. Of course we aren’t an isolated country and something terrible can happen here too but in general Finland is a safe country. It is safe to walk around the streets and you don’t have to care about the pickpockets. Children go to school alone by foot or bike so parents don’t have to give them a ride to school every day. Finnish kids walk to school every day even in the winter.


Finland is such a big country but there are few people in here so we have a lot of forests here. Finland’s nature is amazingly clean and the Finns are very proud of it.  Finland is known of its thousands lakes and they are a big part of Finnishness. Many of the Finns spend their summer holidays in their summer cottages near to some lake.

In Finland we have all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season have its own special things which make it so unique. Spring is beautiful when all starts to grow. Summer is warm and we have that nightless night when the sun never sets. In the autumn there are some beautiful colors in the trees. Winter is very cold, dark and it feels like it will never end. But I like all of the season because I think it would be very boring without them.


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