Finnishness to me

Finnishness can mean many things. When I think about the word ”finnishness” I get really warm feelings. Feelings that comforts me and reminds me of the safe, clean and wealthy country I am living in. But it’s not just the place. It’s the people and the culture that have shaped through the years.

Finnish people are hard working and we don’t mind from small setbacks . I believe that’s the reason of how we have survived here in the cold north. A great example is that Finland was the only country to pay war reparations after the world war 2. Especially the elder people appreciate people who work hard. Though the culture is changing and the younger ones doesn’t see eye to eye in that one.

The best thing in Finnishness is the honesty. It’s the most important virtue a one can have. I think it’s the foundation of a safe and functional society. Being able to trust the official authorities and the people you meet every day is just simply great.

Finnish people have been ranked as the happiest people on earth. And no wonder, it’s not like we smile the most or have the greatest lives, but were are usually satisfied with the basic things. We have a good social security, a great education system and a clean nature.

I think Finnishness is a great thing and we have so many things to be proud of.


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