Finnishness - some viewpoints

Usually Finns are described as honest and quiet -even passive people which avoid contact. In some level descriptions are true but there are some exceptions, this post is about those. Here are some situations which proves these exceptions are real.

Ability to form group

As I mentioned social skills are not actually something we are known for but even Finns are communal. We can actually feel cohesion among strangers and maybe even without interaction with each other’s. Don’t believe me? Let me tell. Finns are quite passionate about winning and ice hockey is a great example. In indoor ice rinks there is nothing else needed than presence and you are part of a group (some fan clothes etc. are a great addition too). However Finns are also very capable to increase team spirit by loathing the opponent together (and NB this requires interaction!).Jääkiekko katsomo

One more example of forming group: common struggle. So we are not good small talkers but when we have a common problem like a bus which is really late we find our lost communication skills. Normally so quiet and passive crowd is now intense and communicative. People are complaining and trying to solve the problem together. Of course after the problem is handled the crowd goes back being quiet and passive but for that little moment everyone are social and part of that group.

Active nation

Finns are respectable active when it comes to discounts, sales or getting something for free. Inequality is increasing but still we don’t have that big income difference and Finland is a welfare state. However when a shop called Tokmanni gave free buckets there was a storm because of the multitude. Our grocery stores have big advertisements claiming for sale and people rush in to buy just anything with a sale sticker on it. The most amusing part is that sometimes the value of the sale is something around 20cents (Of course there are actually good discounts as well).

tokmanni jonotus ämpärit

There are actually many different associations compared to the population in Finland. The population is 5,4 million and we have approximately 135 000 registered associations. For example many villages have their own association. Along with assosiations we have many diverse unions like trade union or Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. Nowadays social media like Facebook and Twitter make it possible to form different groups and communities and those are also quite popular. To mention one there is a closed group called Äitylit in which mothers share their life with each other by asking for an advice or sharing pictures. Even before the era of social media Finns were really active with all kinds of forums sharing questions and opinions.

All in all Finns are actually quite communal and social nation, just a little different way than some other cultures.


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