I value the Finnish culture

I like that it’s ok to be an introvert in the Finnish culture. I’m an introvert person and it’s awesome to live as a part of culture that does not look at me as a defective because of that.
The communality is not as dominate in Finland as it is in most of the places overseas.
Sometimes I just need a break of my own from all the sociality.

I’m pretty sure most of the Finnish people would choose sauna as one of the most important things in Finnish culture. I don’t know why it’s so important but it just is. I have lived about a year without sauna and I really miss it. If I could I would go to sauna every week. The best version of sauna is absolutely sauna that is warmed up with wood logs.
I have had an electric sauna always but our summer cottage has a “real” sauna and my husband’s childhood home has that kind of sauna too and it is the best thing there. It’s so beautiful to watch the flames dancing in the sauna stove. There are also little dim lights on the ceiling that makes it look like a starry sky.


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